There are no upcoming performances.



February 21st – EP launch @ The Lounge, Aldgate RSL

January 14th – RICHARD SALLIS SOLO @ The Metro w/ Silver Celluloid Machine

November 30th – Worldsend w/ Kicking Beyond Matter

October 31st – Halloween Party @ the Uni Bar

October 17th – Prospect Town Hall

October 5th – Worldsend

September 19th 2013 – Ed Castle w/ Spark And Ember & Silver Celluloid Machine

September 12th 2013 – Ed Castle w/ The Serra & There Goes Gravity

September 10th 2013 – Richard Sallis solo @ The Metro

August 17th 2013 – The Gov Frontbar w/ Gypsy By Night & Dylan Badenoch

August 11th 2013 – Crown & Anchor w/Avenue & Orelia

May 31st 2013- The Lounge, Aldgate RSL (PACKED OUT)

May 3rd 2013-  The Gov Mainstage w/ Bonjah

April 12th 2013-  The Gov – SINGLE PRE-LAUNCH PARTY

April 5th 2013-  Rhino Room w/ The Roshambos

April 6th 2013-  The Gov w/ The Roshambos

April 4th 2013-  The Metro w/ Aura Form

March 24th 2013-  RICHARD SALLIS SOLO @ The Metro w/ Max Madman And The Heck Yeahs

March 21th 2013-  Crown & Anchor w/ Heston Drop

March 15th 2013-  The Exeter w/ The Honey Pies (acoustic) & The Viennas

March 9th 2013-  Crown & Anchor

February 23th 2013-  Ed Castle w/ All The Colours + Bastian’s Happy Flight

February 15th 2013-  The Exeter (PACKED OUT) w/ Quaint Attraction

February 14th 2013-  Prospect Town Hall w/ Serious Game

November 16th 2012 – The Worldsend w/ Avenue

October 23rd 2012 – The Wheatsheaf (acoustic set) w/Johnny McIntyre + Harmless Hunter

October 1st 2012 – Mt. Barker Oval w/The Killgirls, Bad Dreems, The Salvadors, Shiny Brights

August 18th 2012 – The Governor Hindmash (PACKED OUT) w/ The Warsaw Pact)

July 19th 2012 – Tea Tree Gully Hotel w/ Stomp The Dog

May 11th 2012 – HQ Complex w/ The Sun And The Sky

April 5th 2012 – Jade Monkey w/ Jack Radford

March 11th 2012 – The Grand Academy Of Lagado w/ Brazen Kids Of York

December 22nd 2011 – Rhino Room + Saturday’s Army & Jack Radford

December 16th 2011 – The Wheatsheaf (acoustic set) + Hills And Trains

Relay For Life @ Mt Barker (acoustic set)

August 25th 2011 – Fowlers Live w/ Stonefield

Jul 29th 2011 – Tempo Fest – Higher Ground Theatre w/ Bearded Gypsy Band

Jun 24th 2011 – Promethean – EP launch

April 16th 2011 – Imaginate Festival (Battle of the bands WINNER)

April 1st 2011 – Gumeracha Town Hall w/ Saturday’s Army

January 22nd 2011 – Jade Monkey + The Vagues (Jack Radford)